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Location Rocca di Lonato on Lake Garda


Lemon groves, cypress trees, blue waters, olive groves, castles and a symphony of colorful and fragrant flowers are just some of the elements that compose the frame of a wedding on Lake Garda.
Among the most suggestive venues on the lake to celebrate the wedding, stand out the medieval Lonato Castle with its interesting history. Set on a small hill overlooking Lake Garda and the surrounding countryside, the Castle lends valued heritage and enchanting atmosphere to the weddings held within its grounds.
Salò is the perfect town for an elegant and unforgettable wedding day, thanks the beauty that surrond it. Desenzano with its cosmopolitan and romantic atmosphere at the same time, is the right location for an charming wedding.
Lake Garda is doubtless a wonderful location for a dream wedding, but the secret ingredient is…the Love.